A downloadable game for Windows

The Joint Unkempt Nimbus Kleanup (J.U.N.K.) is a Space Debris Awareness Experience. 

Help avoid a global telecommunication breakdown by participating in an international response to clean up Earth’s orbits.

In this simulation puzzler you will explore future concepts of space debris mitigation. Help navigate debris to Graveyards Orbits, predict future junk orbits and make decisions on how to “take out the space trash”.

Players will be able to explore actual active and derelict satellites orbiting Earth today. They will use maneuvering techniques as proposed by the world's leading space agencies.

The purpose of this game is to serve as a medium to interactivity expose players to the concept of space debris, why it is a growing problem and how an international response including innovative solutions is needed.


Alexia Mandeville, Gameplay Programmer
Michael Carney, Designer
Spencer Hodgkins, 3D Artist
Sean Pinnock, Gameplay Programme


JUNK.zip 125 MB